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E-School for Sustainability in the Danube Region (eSchool4S)

A transnational e-learning cooperation platform for collaborative learning



2016-09-07: NEWSLETTER No. 5! (Read more!)

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2016-09-05: Read our Evaluation Report about our moodle classrooms!

These two reports show how well our two testing phases went. Read the evaluations by the involved teachers and students that put focus on:

- Personal information
- User-friendliness - handling & language
- Content & Structure
- Learning experience
- General feedback.

The PH Tirol carried out the evaluation and wrote the two evaluation reports.

Evaluation Report Testing Phase 1

Evaluation Report Testing Phase 2

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2016-09-05: Update of Baseline Study 2015

Read our latest Baseline Study update about ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and ESD (Education in Sustainable Development) in society and education in the Danube Region!

2016-09-02: Read our report on teacher’s training implementation:

Conclusions and recommendations of the trainees with regard to:

a) improvement of future training of eSchool4S teachers/tutors

b) Further improvement of the eschool4S web-based classrooms (design, structures, processes, contents, materials)

2016-06-01: Please have a look at the following event! -> Sustainable Development Weeks http://www.esdw.eu/

2016-05-31: Minutes of the workshop (Read here!) and Newsletter No. 4: Read about our workshop in Sofia where the project team evaluated and revised the eSchool4S web-based classrooms. (Read more!)

2016-02-11: MOOC on Quality for Digital Learning: GIZ invites you! (Read more!)

2016-02-03: Newsletter No. 3 (Read more!)

2016-01-11: 2nd Annual Conference: Read the complete report here!

2015-12-23: 2nd Annual Conference: The eSchool4s is on the right track! [...]

2015-09-21: MoodleMoot România 2015: https://moot2015.moodle.ro/

2015-07-29: Minutes of the workshop (Read here!) and Newsletter: Evaluation workshop on web-based classrooms design and e-learning materials of eSchool4S network (Read more!)

2015-07-29: Monitoring and publication notes on eSchool4S network project implementation progress (Read more!)

2015-07-22: Baseline study completed!(Read more!)

Event Date/Time
3rd Annual Conference of eSchool4S (Closing Conference) November 17, 2016, 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
3rd Annual and Final Conference